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ProjectSyndicate Breakout Edge 4.0

The most advanced system for FX on the market, based on prop algos, using DecisionTrees and Genetic Algo. Over 100 000 pips won since inception in August 2020. v 4.0 released in August 2022


Since inception in August 2020 the win rate in Forex/Crypto with scanner is standing at 75%+.

Over 100 000 pips won

Since inception in August 2020 the accumulated gains with system is over 50 000 pips per std lot.


System includes EA (expert-advisor) for full-auto trading. 150% gains last 60 days, max DD is 18%.

The only system you will need for MT4 to get stable returns with low risk.

Syndicate Breakout Edge system includes EA / expert advisor for MT4 for full-auto trading.

EA expert advisor

System includes EA for full-auto trading. EA is the most advanced bot for MT4, trades a basket of currencies and seeks breakouts every day. Risk is controlled via max DD parameter, exposure is controlled via max risk setting.

Decision Trees and Genetic Algo

System is using advanced statistics and probabilities, including Decision Trees to rank FX pairs by multiple factors. Genetic algo inside: system adopts to market conditions, detects range/trend/flat markets and will adjust risk according to underlying conditions.

Flexible settings, two modes

EA got a lot of settings and can be adjusted for lower/higher risk trading. Also there are two modes inside the system - Daily/Weekly. In daily mode EA will seek to trade every day, in weekly mode system will put on a basket trade once a week (great for swing trading).

Why choose Breakout Edge system?

System is based on prop algos, we've spent over 12 months developing and perfecting the system. We got own in-house coders team that constantly updates all the systems and keeps them up-to-date.

Strong track record

over 50 000 pips won

EA 150% gains with 18% max DD

Risk/exposure settings

All future updates are free

Access to Telegram Signals channels

TOP-rated trader on TradingView

Pricing and payment options. Currently payment via BTC/USDT only.


$2 000

12 months access

System with EA

$8 000

12 months


$20 000


Recent reviews from owners of the system

Hello guys as I had the honor to be the first member who joined the private channel i would like to share my experience so far. The free system you got here is the 1 /3rd of the whole one project. I have tried dozens and dozens of systems in my life but this indeed i can tell it works like a sniper's gun. You can catch easily 100+ swings with a very low risk and therefore you can scoop many pips each day and the best part is that a big update is coming which will makes this system even more efficient and reducing the screen time.
DS, can't thank you enough, I've only been in the Private group for a few days now and have already made money. The Market scanner makes it very easy to pick trades and the confirmation indicators are very accurate in helping to stay out of fake signals. After today hearing what you have planned for the next few weeks to help automate our trades, is very exciting news and can't wait.
System is the real deal, very accurate and reliable, can easily make profit with it. But also, another important factor is the knowledge you get from DS and guys in the group, that's priceless info you don't get anywhere else. Been in the group for 2 weeks and already paid my way in with one trade, so thank you for everything my friend , you are always here for us.
Rui S

Frequently asked questions


What is the Breakout Edge system exactly?

System is based on MT4 (WIN/MACOS). Includes indicator and EA (bot) for full-auto trading.

Is it your own development, what's the algo like?

100% own prop development. not based on RSI/MACD/MA.

Who are you? You got any background in trading?

15+ years experience trading US stocks/options/FX crypt. TOP Author on TradingView. Please feel free to review my profile, click on the header above.

Tell me about SL/TP in the system.

SL is controlled via MAX DD parameter. So if MAX DD exceeds certain % value for the trading day, EA will square off all open positions. Alternatively, you can use a fixed SL for every pair within the trading basket for the trading day.

How do I pay for the ssystem?

Press button above DM on Telegram. I will send you a BTC address to send the payment. Your order will be delivered within 24 hours. Payments in BTC or USDT ONLY.

How do I contact you?

Press button above DM on Telegram. Also you can contact me on TradingView via Direct Message.